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An industry solution to enable all stakeholders of steel transportation to have access to the latest Load Restraint Guidelines and visibility of the restraints applied


Site Location Details

Find important information on site locations

A single place to find all the information on site locations. Details include; Site name & location, main phone number, address, map, opening hours, special instructions, closest weight station, petrol station & rest stop and a list of facilities available. Each site will also have photo galleries to show a sitemap, PPE requirements, exclusion zones, height restrictions and general location images. You will be able to favourite site locations to receive notifications straight to your device, never be out of the loop again!

Load Restraint Guidelines

Access the Load Restraint Guideline catalogue

Right at your fingertips you'll have access to the entire Load Restraint Guidelines catalogue. Updates to guidelines will be pushed directly to your device to ensure you always have access to the latest versions. See what matters first and foremost as the chain calculation table is brought front and centre. The full PDF of the guideline can be viewed and each guideline also has the ability to view a video instruction of the chain application for the specific product

Photo Capture

Check your applied load restraints and capture them

Protect yourself, your industry and all stakeholders in the transportation of steel. By capturing a record of the restraints applied the app is facilitating a self-check audit of the load before departure. The photos are associated with the guideline used and the place of pick-up creating a personal record for users and their companies. These details are then available for the next 30 days.

Driver Profile

View a history of your load restraints

Each user will have a personal log-in to the mobile application. Here details can be managed to assist in operation of the application by modifying user contact details and capturing regularly used vehicle registrations. Users can also view their available photo capture logs.

Web Portal

for Admins

The web portal is the backbone of the platform and is where the value in the mobile app is created and facilitated.

Transport companies and their contractors can manage their drivers, view mobile app usage and review the photo captures. Manufacturing companies will be able to view mobile app usage and associated photo captures. Despatch areas will be able to manage the details relating to their location and will be able to send notifications to all devices, providing a single place for site location communication.

Mobile App

for Drivers

Drivers will have access to the most up-to-date and accurate information about load restraint requirements & site access details wherever they go.

Other features include:

  • Photo capture and storage of restrained loads
  • Personalised driver profile
  • Real time delay notifications if a despatch point is experiencing issues


  • iPhone: iOS 8.0 or later
  • Android: Android 4.4 or later

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